Sunday, 1 March 2015

Blog 1 1.3.15 so excited!

It's been a chilled Sunday here and have enjoyed some delicious healthy and not so healthy (ooopps) food!
As I've said its all about balance I believe. So I started my day with a delicious smoothie, as its the weekend I treated myself to something a little more calorific than I would normally go for. It was a banana and almond smoothie, recipe to follow in seperate blog post. Was really lovely, very sweet almost dessert like. Still packed with great nutrients though!
For lunch I had some carrot and tomato crackers that I cooked last night from the deliciously Ella website. I'm so inspired by ella and love all her recipes I've tried so far. With the crackers I had no sunflower seeds so left those out and also subed the tomato purée for passata as that's all I had. I also didn't have oregano so swapped that for a little Rosemary, thyme and mahjoram. As you will learn I'm not one to give up if I don't have the ingredients, I just chuck in what I have and think will work and hope for the best! They turned out lovely, I will say they were a little thick and softer than I expected but I think that's down to me not spreading thin enough, it's quite tricky. They're still so lovely though and I had these with some lemon and corriander hummus? Recipe to follow.. I snacked on a raw brownie, another deliciously Ella recipe. So tasty! Next time I might try them topped with some chopped hazelnuts, will keep you posted! Dinner was a Sunday roast, pork belly. Perfect crackling, soft meat, doesn't get better than that. Had with Parmentier potatoes, swede and carrot mash and peas. Recipes to follow in seperate posts. Dinner was the calorie downfall of the day but so worth it and been pretty good otherwise. Hope you all check out the recipes and have a go! Please let me know your comments I would love to hear them!

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