Sunday, 1 March 2015

Roast pork belly

Pork belly is such a delicious and reasonably priced cut of meat. It is fatty yes but cooked correctly its soft and give lots of lovely crackling mmmmmm
And I don't know about you but I'd rather have a tasty fatty bit of pork occasionally than dry pork more often!
Anyway I wouldn't call this a recipe it's just the way I cook it and it never fails!
First make sure your skin is scored well. If this isn't done already then you will need a really sharp knife or a Stanley works great. In a pinch I have broken a razor and used the blade but I wouldn't advise!
After this pour a kettle of boiling water all over the skin. Then dry with kitchen roll and season well. Then the meat needs to be placed on a grill tray over a baking tray with water in. This goes into preheated oven at 230. Cook for half hour and reduce to 170 for further 2 hours. Take out and cover place baking paper over skin. Then put on top another baking tray and weigh down with tins. Leave for half hour. Also give a push down every now and then, it helps fat drop out. Then return to over for half hour more. Your meat should be soft and crackling solid. If for any reason your crackling isn't hard enough you can place under grill. Just keep a close eye on it as ur doesn't take long at all!
I like to take cracking off and serve in a bowl. I then slide the meat into strips. Enjoy!

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